Global Goals Plate

The UN General Assembly’s Global Goals Week gathers thought leaders in politics, civil society, science, food systems to discuss progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are our best plan for moving our planet away from the imminent effects of climate change but the Global Goals remain largely unknown to the general public. 

The Chefs’ Network for the Global Goals has curated a chef-driven event to spread the message of the SDGs in a way that only chefs can. With food as their medium and their customers as the captive audience, a team of New York-based chefs will place the SDGs front and centre, or more specifically on our table, with the Global Goals Plate

Lead by Chef Mike Anthony and Chef Evan Hanczor, the Global Goals Plate asks chefs to highlight a dish on their menu that is in line with one or more of the Manifesto’s 8 areas and mark it with the Global Goals logo. The Chefs’ Manifesto areas are here, but basically any dish that is plant-based, uses heirloom or specialty ingredients or well-raised meat, and/or is nutritious and affordable fits the bill! 

Chef Evan of Egg restaurant will showcase a simple succotash of cowpeas, tomatoes, and cucumbers that’s grown over the summer on their farm upstate.


Evan's dish


Running alongside Global Goals Week (Sept 23rd to 29th), this menu initiative also coincides with other climate focused initiatives like California’s Global Climate Summit and NYC Climate Week and thus is a key opportunity to bring the discussions happening in high-level boardrooms directly to the New Yorkers and visitors who eat and shape their ideas around food in our dining rooms.

All the participating chefs and restaurants will be promoted on social media and featured in a blog post on the SDG2 Advocacy Hub website. 


Get involved:

1. Highlight a dish on your menu in line with one or more of the Chefs’ Manifesto 8 areas

2. Mark this dish with the Global Goals logo (attached below) or a note identifying it as a Global Goals menu item 

3. Share your dish on social media with the hashtags: #SustainableTables #FoodIsLife #UNGA #ChefsManifesto