SDG2 guide to Women Deliver 2019

Women Deliver 2019 (June 3-6)  is the largest conference on gender equality and the healthy, rights and wellbeing of girls and women. With more than 6,000 world leaders, influencers, advocates, academics, activists, and journalists in Vancouver, attendees from around the world gather to accelerate progress for girls and women everywhere. Here's a snapshot of this year's programme. 

Not only is there a lot of action within the WD programme but also numerous side events. Find below a list of SDG2-related side events and how to get involved. 

Foodies that give a fork! Getting unusual suspects to the table for better nutrition



Bringing together Chef Aimée Wimbush-Bourque and nutrition leaders, this event aims to raise awareness about the importance of bringing the unusual actors-- private sector, youth voices, culinary leaders-- into SDG2 and SDG3 advocacy as key stakeholders in nutrition and gender equality progress. It will also highlight the need for Nutrition for Growth (N4G)/ Tokyo 2020 organizers to include these actors in the deliberations at, and leading up to, the Tokyo 2020 N4G Summit. Watch the livestream hereLearn more about it here. 

The Real Groundbreakers: Women food producers transforming rural landscapes 

real groundbreakers


Recognising rural women as vital economic players, this side event will explore the challenges women food producers face and will hear solutions from women who are championing gender equality, confronting injustice, and are helping to end hunger and malnutrition in their communities. These women are the real groundbreakers. Read more about it here. 

A Girl's Life: The Interconnected Impact of Nutrition, Education and Health on Every Girl

Despite great support provided by G7 countries towards the improvement of children's well-being, health, nutrition, and education in sub-Saharan Africa, many challenges remain. This event from Global Citizen, Global Partnership for Education, and World Food Programme will spark innovative conversations in order to demonstrate the interconnectedness of nutrition, education, and health — and look at how investment in education contributes to significant global outcomes for issues like climate action, gender equality, and economic empowerment. Read more about this event here.

Power for Mothers: Bringing a Solution for Better Nutrition to All

Power of mothers


Hosted by Sight and Life, Power for Mothers will highlight the importance of maternal nutrition; make the case for the provision of multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS) during pregnancy; and provide direction as to what governments, donors, civil society and others can to ensure mothers get the nutrition they need. Learn more about this event here. 

Why is gender equality important for malnutrition? 

"Malnutrition, much like poverty, is sexist. In virtually every country of the world, gender inequities and cultural norms hold women and girls back and render many unable to fulfil their rightful role as decision-makers – over their own minds and bodies, in their households, at work, and in their communities. Healthy women and girls, however, are the cornerstone of healthy societies." -Scaling Up Nutrition

In May 2019, Scaling Up Nutrition launched a call to action to scale up gender equality and women’s and girls’ empowerment to fight malnutrition. This document outlines how each level, and each actor, of the Movement can scale up gender equality and empowerment for maximum impact-- and includes great learnings for the wider SDG2 community. Find this Call to Action here. 

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