100 miles to spark innovation

By Diana Muresan, Community Engagement Manager, CWS Global Incubation Lab

In our world, at this very moment, there are 821 million people who go to bed hungry every single day. This is an alarming number. Inspired by the spirit of volunteerism behind the CWS-sponsored CROP Hunger Walk, a community-organised charity event that takes place in over 700 locations across the U.S. each year, Maurice Bloem set out on his own journey. As CWS's Executive Vice President, Bloem wanted to put his feet where is heart was and started the 100 Mile Hunger Walk in 2012, an annual event to raise awareness and funds to fight hunger around the world.


Since its inception, Maurice has walked over 900 miles globally. He has been accompanied by or visited countless CWS program beneficiaries, CROP Walk volunteers/CWS staff, community members, local politicians and artists, and raised over $32,000 to fight hunger and poverty. Although Maurice started this journey on his own, he knew it couldn’t stay that way. 

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Photo Credit: Alberto Reyes


“I realized that the urgency of the world’s hunger crisis calls for action on the part of every person.”


We must all take part, so three years ago we teamed up with an incredible startup, Sustainnovation, to create app CWS Global in which people can do good without having to do much. This app is used as a means to continue engagement and give our followers a simple way to donate their miles and do good. Our 100 Mile Hunger Walks learnings indicate that our target audience, millennials and Gen Z-ers, are looking for ways to be help join the cause to end hunger and poverty but don’t always have the means to do so financially. 


The CWS Global App is pretty simple, you walk and log your miles, you read articles and watch videos on campaign related topics and you can even share your progress to earn points within the app and move along the board to higher levels. With every new level comes another chance to redeem rewards in which we make a donation for you to various CWS programs and projects around the world. 


The rewards and content of each campaign changes every few months but the essence of every topic is directly (or indirectly) linked to SDG2, a world where there is zero hunger. Our most recent campaign highlighted the work of CWS as we celebrated 50 years of walking to end hunger. This spring, we will start a campaign called The Ration Challenge that will focus on refugees and their access to nutritious food.


At the crux of our app is a mile tracker that comes fully integrated with your smartphone to track how far you walk each day. Our goal is to collectively raise 821,000 miles by 2030 to symbolise SDG2, Zero Hunger by 2030. Our campaigns have brought in over 120,000 miles; we have many more miles to go.


Our call-to-action is simple, join our movement, literally. Walk with us and walk with purpose. There are 3 ways to get involved:

  1. Follow our journey on social media.
  2. Check out our 100 Mile Walk Initiative and learn more about our mission, our action and our impact before our 9th annual walk which will happen later on this year.
  3. Download our app. Check out our current campaign, Emergency Response and Preparedness, which dives into how natural disasters affect global hunger. It will run until the end of March.


We can make the world better together, one step at time. Don’t be shy, send us an email with any questions you may have, or check out our site, 100mile.org


Join the movement - literally!

Walk with us and walk with purpose.

Join the 100 mile team!