Expo 2020: For People and Planet

Convening every five years, World Expo is one of the world’s oldest and largest international events, spanning a six-month period. Framed as a festival for all, Expo 2020 Dubai, hosted by the Government of the United Arab Emirates, aims to inspire people by showcasing examples of collaboration, innovation and cooperation from around the world. Expo's main programme, titled Programme for People and Planet, specifically aims to motivate collective and meaningful action to address the world’s most critical challenges and opportunities.

The Programme for People and Planet will design an event series focused on five main tracks: Build Bridges aims to further cultural exchange and understanding as well as celebrate our common humanity; Leave No One Behind pays tribute to the Sustainable Development Goal’s ideals of social sustainability and the equality of opportunity; Live in Balance highlights our relationship with the natural world, with Expo as a catalyst to restore balance; Thrive Together explores the shaping of a more resilient economy and robust economic growth; and the UAE Vision 2071 addresses the country’s vision for its future.

Within this programme, there will be 10 Theme Weeks that address the most pressing challenges facing the world today – from Climate & Biodiversity to Urban and Rural Development to Tolerance and Inclusivity. Events and experiences will also mark key International Days, from International Day of Education to Human Rights Day. 

At the SDG2 Hub, we are looking forward to three key moments in particular:  

World Food Day (16 October 2021)

On World Food Day, Expo 2020 Dubai and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation will gather stakeholders to celebrate and deep dive into the one thing we cannot live without: food. The Day’s celebrations will call for global solidarity in rethinking and reshaping food security and food systems in ways that restore balance in food systems and create a world with good food for all. 


womanGlobal Goals Week (16 – 22 January 2022)

What do we need to do together today for a better world in 2030? An opportunity to mobilise citizens around Agenda 2030, Global Goals Week will take stock of current progress on the SDGs; discuss how everyone, everywhere has a role to play in delivering on this promise; and explore how we can act together to chart and deliver a way forward. Most notably, this week will highlight best practices in reaching the last-mile, livelihoods, and enterprise development as well as pay particular attention to women and girls.


Food, Agriculture and Livelihoods Week (17 – 23 February 2022)

How do we sustainably grow food to meet future demand? From farm to plate, Food, Agriculture and Livelihoods Week will bring together stakeholders across value chains to spotlight localised solutions to food, nutrition and farming challenges. The Week will explore how to grow food sustainably in order to eat and earn better, and will encompass approaches to climate-friendly agriculture and agricultural practices that maximise productivity while operating in harmony with the environment. Aligning our food systems with the Sustainable Development Goals is key to ensuring good food for all.


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