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Co Chairs at G20 Global Citzen Festival

We encourage and welcome new partners who share a focus and interest in seeing the SDGs and particularly Goal 2 realised.

In order to sign up we ask all partners to agree to work collaboratively to achieve the SDGs.   We acknowledge this community will focus on raising up SDG2 but this will not be at the detriment of the other goals.  

Operational parameters:

  • The hub will be bound by the principles of coordination, coherence and complementarity;
  • It will avoid replication and will stress greater collaboration;
  • It will be representative of the global south as well as the global north;
  • The hub will provide a space to exchange best practices and share what success looks like;
  • Through its web platform, it will provide a common service to the entire community;
  • The hub will focus primarily on developing strong messages that will be used to grab the attention of decision makers at the global and national level;
  • Policy work on specific issues will be left to the organisations and experts already working in this space;
  • The hub will enable its partners to learn from one another’s areas of expertise and to combine ideas that will strengthen advocacy and campaigns.


As an organisation you will join a community that shares and coordinates on SDG2 efforts.   We will hold regular opportunities to gather physically and remotely to plan and share.   We will also provide access to resources in the digital platform with briefings calendars and whit label resources you can add logos to and use to support SDG2.

There is a basic approval process to be allowed to join the SDG2 hub. All Organisations will have to be approved by the secretariat. We will be chatting to existing members of the bridge where we need to in order to do due diligence. Overall we will be looking for members who have shown support toward the achievement of SDG2. We will also want to ensure you agree to abide by good business practice in line with the principles of the UN Global Compact.


Most of our members will be organisations but you can also join as an individual.   We will not spam you but send emails at key points for action on SDG2.

You will also receive bi yearly updates on what is going on in the sector and key articles on breakthrough.