Companies join Good Food For All

We all have things we are fighting for – progress, people and planet. Good food is a foundation for everything, providing the energy needed to fight for a better future for everyone, everywhere. Without good food, no other progress is possible.

Alongside farmer’s organisations, nutrition champions and chefs, leading companies on the global sustainability agenda joined the conversation on World Food Day to put the one thing we cannot live without at the top of the agenda: food. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) lent their voice to Good Food For All, a new fresh way of framing the challenges we face and opportunities that can accelerate action on agriculture, nutrition and food.

With the ability to empower the farmers who grow our food and nourish the people who eat it, business has a key role to play in transforming our food systems at scale, to deliver good food for all. From small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to global companies, business must be present in global food conversations that speak to nutrition, climate adaptation, equitable livelihoods, biodiversity and more.  

So, to raise awareness around the food future we want, WBCSD gathered the voices of its members on a simple question: What does good food mean to you? Touching on key themes of leaving no one behind and food as both culture and a tool to drive progress, find below a few of our favourite contributions:


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