Kew scientists and chefs discuss biodiversity and nutrition for SDG2

Kew Royal Botanical Gardens scientists met with chefs from around the world in a special Kew Kitchen and Gardens Science Tour to coincide with the start of this year’s Chefs Manifesto Global Gathering in London to be held  27 - 29 June at Omved Gardens.  

Dr Phil Stevenson, Kew's Senior Research Lead, talking with Chefs in The Hive
Dr Phil Stevenson, Kew's Sr Research Lead with Chefs in The Hive 

Welcomed by Professsor Monique Simmonds, Deputy Director of Science and Head of Commercial Phytochemistry Unit, the chefs were able to meet with scientists from across Kew’s science community to learn about their research across the globe. With over 350 scientists, Kew Science research stretches from the discovery and identification of new species, to the impact of climate change on threatened habitats as well as enhancing nutrition and agrobiodiversity.

Collaborating with over 100 different organisations worldwide, Kew scientists use their research to make the best use of our natural resources, alleviate poverty, enhance nutrition and agrobiodiversity.

Kew's Kitchen Garden was a centrepoint for the chefs to learn how the Kew team grows over 130 different cultivars of vegetable, more than 60 different edibles and sowed over 2000 seeds in 2018. 

The chefs were able to sample special menus prepared by CH&CO, demonstrating how they work to devise visitor menus in line with Kew research.

The two groups discussed the role of food and science in achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

Read more about how Kew Gardens' collaboration with the Chefs' Manifesto here. 


Brwa Ahmad, Executive Chef for CH&CO at Kew Gardens, connects biodiversity with Kew visitor menus

Brwa Ahmad (left), Executive Chef for CH&CO at Kew Gardens, connects biodiversity with Kew visitor menus 


Kew scientists and global chefs at Kew Gardens, London
Kew scientists and global chefs in Kew Gardens, London